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Our online restaurant reservation system is a feature-rich web solution which enables users to set
it up as per their specific needs, manage restaurant working time and availability online,
handle clients data and requests, add staff to manage reservations, and more.

Upload an interactive restaurant & table map to your website.
Add your terms & conditions each customer has to accept before booking.
Manage table capacity and adjust booking availability accordingly.
Print booking schedule & details to organize your work better.
Add and edit your restaurant opening hours online.


Set up your own customized 24/7 open online restaurant table booking system. Reduce phone calls
and eliminate the risk of double bookings. You can choose your own booking rules and create an
automated booking process by editing various admin options and settings.

Set maximum reservation length for a booking.
Define and charge users a booking deposit fee, if applicable.
Advise how many hours in advance bookings should be made.
Customize the reservation form to match your business model.


The reservation management system allows you to add, edit and delete bookings, manage client details and availability. The PHP restaurant script is designed to provide you with robust functionalities all in one place.

Reservations schedule – See daily bookings per table and a timeline showing reserved hours.
Check all bookings for a selected date using an intuitive drop-down calendar.
Add reservations manually – Just click on the given hour and fill in the booking details.
Reservations list – See all bookings ordered by date. Check status and all booking details.
Client details – Review customer’s name and a detailed contact information.


Enrich your customer database by adding the customer details you receive with each booking. Run promo email marketing campaigns to increase sales. Notify and keep them up to date by distributing Email & SMS alerts (optional extra for the SMS alerts. Please contact us for pricing.)

Add vouchers and discounts for a specific date (range) and inform clients about them.
Confirmation emails to clients and admins – upon new booking, inquiry, payment or cancellation.
Email & SMS Reminders – Send reminders to customers using predefined tokens.
Use your client database to send out other updates to your customers.
Launch client satisfaction surveys using email marketing.


Collect payments using various methods available with the Restaurant Booking System. Use one or all of the
payment options: PayPal, Authorize.Net, wire transfers, CC processing, cash, or you can ask if you want any other processor adding and we will send you a quote.

Set a default currency and deposit fee, if applicable.
Online payments with PayPal, Authorize.NET and many others. For extra processors, please contact us for custom coding prices.
Offline payments – Collect CC details. Provide bank details for wire transfers.
Enable/disable payments – Allow payments or take reservations only.
Enable/disable cash payments depending on your booking terms.


Our PHP restaurant script is highly customizable. You can easily translate all titles from the admin panel and add a language bar on the front-end. Use CSS to make changes to the layout and re-brand it.

Manage booking options – Script users can control all system settings from the a centralized menu.
Multi-language support – Translate the table reservation system into multiple languages.
User roles – Admins can add staff with restricted access to the system (editors).
Back up your data – To protect your database from potential loss, just click a single button.


Our scripts are specially developed to perform well even with heavy workload and databases.

Website compatibility – WordPress/Joomla installation.
One admiN – Enable a single control panel for multiple scripts.
Flexibility – We can customize the Restaurant Booking System for you. Just ask for a quote.