Please rest assured that any details we need from you to setup your website will remain completely confidential. If your content contains information about yourself or other people, this will also be kept confidential. We will only keep details that we need for as long as we need it, either on my own PC or on our server, both of which are protected via passwords and firewalls. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

You may be aware of confidentiality issues, for example if you want a new website for a school or existing business that contains information about customers or colleagues. Any and all information that we do not need, or have finished incorporating, will be deleted from any and all places where such information has been temporarily stored.

My own personal PC is not used or accessed by anyone else. It is password protected; the email client I use for business has a completely different password before it can be opened; all client information is stored within a hidden folder that can only be accessed with yet another different password!

Client information stored on our server/website is also password protected and firewalled, and though we can not guarantee 100% that this information will not be stolen or compromised (no business/website/host can promise that!), we do promise that we will do everything we can to protect your information. We will only ever give out information if we are compelled by law.