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Can you create custom eCovers?

We can. Many of the covers you find here were made by us. eCovers can be for eBooks, software etc.

Do you print the designs I choose?

No, you are simply paying for the design, which we will customise for you after cleared payment. You will need to get them printed yourself.

Do you provide branding services?

Not usually. Branding is a time-consuming and potentially (very) stressful process. It is expensive and requires both parties to communicate on a regular basis. You can ask, but we do not guarantee acceptance. It can involve extensive research about your business, target audience, your competitors, your industry and so much more. The cost usually starts at around £1,000 and upwards.

Your logo and any created images would have to be unique and created from scratch, not by using resourced materials, so they could be legally registered by your business. This takes time and patience and a lot of regular feedback from you. Client and business would have to work together very closely, possibly over months, to get the required branding completed.

Branding can include:

  • Colour Psychology
  • Font Styling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Target Audience Research
  • Tagline Invention
  • Domain Name Recommendation
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Presence
  • Stationery Suite
  • Corporate Colours
  • & More
Are all of your designs original?

Yes, we design them ourselves. We often purchase resources and fonts and create original designs on a regular basis.

What is ‘bleed’ in graphic design?

Bleed is the extra space that extends beyond the design area where you plan on cutting the page. In most cases, anything you print will need to be trimmed, and a bleed ensures that your finished work looks exactly as you planned it in case of printer requirements or errors in cutting and/or printing. An extra few mm around the design area will allow your design to be printed accurately. If you are going to get your designs printed professionally, please contact your printer to ask them what they require in terms of the bleed so we can adjust any designs accordingly.

Do the editable graphics come with the fonts you created them with?

No, but you can find many different fonts just by searching for them.

How do I pay for my order?

Payments are collected via Paypal. You will have the option at the checkout to login to pay via your Paypal account, or you can just use your credit card without having to log in to Paypal. Both are processed via Paypal, your credit card details are not stored by us in any way.

Which programs can I use to modify the edited file I purchased?

If you have to ask, you may have problems editing your graphic. However, there are plenty of tutorials out there for programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

I want a custom design, how much would it cost?

We charge £30 per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour per project. Each portion of 1 hour is an extra £30. We will try to keep it under 1 hour, but can't guarantee that.

I want to buy an editable graphic, but am not sure how to edit it. Could you do it for me?

We could, but it would end up costing you more as we charge £30 per hour for all graphic design, with a minimum of 1 hour per project.